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Our research into the cost of education can help you understand and plan for your children’s school fees and education

The real costs of education

Education is undoubtedly one of the largest investments you could make for your children. Our research outlines the potential expense you could incur over 13 years regardless of state or school sector for a child starting school in 2021.

Use our customisable Cost of Education Calculator to estimate your family's education costs.

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The average time to repay HECs-HELP debt is approaching 10 years

The Report surveyed more than 1,000 Australians who attended university and discovered that while 56% of respondents are positive or neutral about the value of their university education, one in four are worried about their financial situation and how the debt acquired to fund university can have long lasting effects on their ability to purchase a home, a car or starting a business. Read the report to find out.

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Results of Australian parents on the cost of schooling, school satisfaction, choice and a range of contemporary issues.

Parents Report Card: One-of-a-kind insight into the perceptions of the state of Australian education

The Futurity Parents Report Card captures the collective voice of our membership through parents’ responses to a detailed annual survey. It aims to inform public discussion on education policy, school funding, preparing for the future of work, and other contemporary education-related matters. Its purpose is to help positively shape the future of education in Australia.
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NEiTA-ACE Teachers Report Card 2021 launched

Report reveals teachers’ perceptions of education and their profession

Teachers play a critical and often under-sung role in the development of our young people. It is, therefore, vital that their views are heard by decision makers, thought leaders, and major stakeholders in our education system, notably parents.

The NEiTA-ACE Teachers Report Card 2021, developed by the NEITA Foundation in partnership with the Australian College of Educators, highlights the experiences, wisdom and concerns of teachers, including the challenges faced during lockdowns.

The purpose of the report is to inform public understanding, add value to the discourses and analyses of educators, schools and policymakers, and positively shape the future of school education in Australia.

Read the full report.

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