Underlying fund managers

Providing you access to leading Australian and international investment managers

A range of investment approaches to suit your needs

Our menu is structured with three investment categories – and within these you have further choice of actively managed and indexed investment styles

Watch the video to learn more about our three ready-made Investment Options

    This approved list comprises sector-specific Underlying Managed Funds (UMFs) spanning major asset classes (e.g. equities, property, fixed income). 


    We manage each of these Investment Options as a ‘blend’. This is done to achieve balanced and growth orientated diversification across multiple sectors to create long-term investment portfolios. This category also includes an equities based Socially Responsible Investment Option. 


    These are ‘ready-made’ Investment Options for those who want the convenience of long-term ‘set-and-forget’ investing and not to be overly involved with the ongoing management of their Bond’s investment mix. They may also suit those who choose not to engage a Financial Adviser.

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      Watch the video to learn more about our full range of Investment Options



         1. Futurity Blended 

        Featuring three 'ready-made' investment options for those who want the convenience of long-term 'set-and-forget' investing. These are constructed and managed by Futurity as a blended mix of multiple underlying managed funds selected from an extensive Approved Manager List. 

         2. Diversified 

        In this category, we have hand-picked eight multi-sector, diversified investment options to choose from. Each option invests into a single underlying fund. These are also ‘ready-made’ options with each of the relevant fund’s managers investing to create a diversified portfolio of assets. 

         3. Sector-specific 

        Choose from 11 investment options that we invest into sector-specific asset classes. Each option invests into a single underlying fund. You might take a sector-specific approach if you want to construct and manage your own Bond’s individual investment mix. 

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          Investment Strategy

          22 different investment options offers choice and flexibility to suit your circumstances

          Our menu includes both active and passive investment styles to help meet your objectives.

          Active investments are those that ‘actively’ try to outperform their fund’s underlying performance benchmark. Passive investments aim to replicate the performance of an index. Within both styles we offer a socially responsible option.

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