Futurity Education Bonds

Education Bonds are financial products designed specifically for saving and investing to meet lifelong education expenses for yourself, your family or others dear and important to you.

What is an Education Bond?


Control Plan Access Simplify Tax-freedom
A bond range that offers features like: Control, Plan, Simplify, Access, Freedom

Select from our expansive range of 22 investment options

Constructed with a transparent and competitive fee structure, you can build your own portfolio or use one of Futurity's custom blended options.

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Education Bonds

Planning for a lifetime of education expenses

Access to learning and a good education is undoubtedly the gamechanger - not only for our children and grandchildren, but also for ourselves and others dear to us.

Whether it’s primary and secondary education for children, university or vocational training for young adults or on-going learning to advance your career and more, our Bonds cover a broad spectrum of education expenses.

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Create and grow an education legacy for your family

    Save and invest for your child’s future